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John Digweed Movement 2014 Detroit RBMA stage HD Wallpapers

what about John Digweed? i’ve decided to share a dozen photos i’ve taken at Movement 2014, Detroit. It was a magical performance, too sad that paxahau and RBMA Radio have not yet released anything by JD. well, he has his own Transitions show that is broadcast on many many stations in the entire world, and hopefully he will air this set on the show, because we know that most of the sets he plays do end up on that show. sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes – years. the more precious they are.

i am also thinking of maybe continuing this blog posting photos of the DJs i like? i did some hardwell and dimitri vegas posts, but my heard is not in that, just was trying to get some popularity. but the music i like is this, it’s represented by the likes of John Digweed, and Richie Hawtin, see the previous post. so without further ado, lets check out the photos. i’ve snapped them all myself, was really enjoying the set.

John Digweed Movement 2014 Photos

John Digweed has laid out a perfect dancing machine set, his style is impeccable and music is flawless, his technique has been proven over the eons of successful crowd-swaying in all clubs all over the world. below are some resources you might find interesting:

John DIgweed Mixcloud & Transitions show

watch out for 116k followers!! =) I do remember, Mixcloud were so proud when they got John Digweed to open up an account, they know how many followers he brings and generally, i’ve read up somewhere, that these guys, mixcloud guys, are all from UK and are familiar with the DJ scene and the needs and all that accompanying shebang… well, they did a pretty nice resource. the site ranks somewhere top 3k… 

John Digweed links and resources







Seth Troxler HD Wallpapers Live Movement 2014 Free Exclusive Photos

this is how it went, Seth Troxler is amazing, and his set was really seriously put together, check it out, it was recently released by Paxahau and is available for streaming on Paxahau’s Soundcloud page:

check out the funky Seinfeid’s Kramer t-shirt Seth is sporting, it’s freaking amazing and can be purchased in the  NBC Universal Store right here: http://www.nbcuniversalstore.com/seinfeld-kramer-portrait-t-shirt/detail.php?p=506977 (not affiliatedin any way)..

i was there, i took those photos, and i really enjoyed the set Seth played, laid back, funky tech house, with a smile and spin here and there, he was home and doing the thing that he loves most, with a tight-packed crowd of maybe 5-10 thousands of people (i don’t know really how to estimate such sizes, but sere the photos for yourselves).. this was majestic. he started with Beat That Bitch by Johnny Dangerous (with Whiplash 4 98 on the mix), epic track. then it was Paul Woolford, DDMS (Deadbeat & DeWalta & Mike Shannon & The Mole) with their Makers (DeWalta Mix). Jamie Anderson, Prince Dred & Bunny Sigler, Ane Brun, Spirit Catcher, Rvde, Clarian … crazy, Seth was invoking the right to drop your jaw with every new track, superb mixing and never ending energy. i’d always recommend everyone to check out his work.

Seth Troxler Photos from Movement 2014, RBMA Stage, Detroit, USA

here are the best of the many, photos of Seth Troxler moving the crowds at Movement 2014 in Detroit..

Seth Troxler Soundcloud, twitter, facebook, and other useful links:

Seth Troxler Soundcloud

Seth Troxler Facebook

Seth Troxler Resident Advisor

Seth Troxler Twitter

Seth Troxler Beatport (buy Seth Troxler tracks)

Seth Troxler Myspace

Seth Troxler Youtube

The Martinez Brothers at MOVEMENT 2014 Report HD Wallpaper Photos

How about it? The Martinez Brothers started young and are headlining some stages on festivals all over the world. With a great kick from Dennis Ferrer, they really conquered their spot in hearts of many fans. but first, a little off topic…

…with this article i am starting a series of kinda-reports on Movement 2014 in Detroit and how it all was so much fun. yes, despite the constant dry mouth caused by too much backstage free redbull, i’ve had an amazing time, made tons of high quality close up photos and, generally speaking, smoked lots of weed.. i liked it there alot… but had to prematurely leave, 3rd day was too much for me, i am a 30+ man, who is not used anymore to all this partying, so i bailed out and took an early leave on sunday after all was over. third day wouldn’t be a piece a cake for me, i realized back then, my body was aching… but let’s forget about me, just remember, keep looking in here, we are planning to publish lots of great material.. my trip to Movement was thanks to Floor To The Four and their insistence on seeing my unpleasant persona along to Detroit.. thanks, guys!!

So how about these Martinez Bros? big age difference, and the youngest one has the gut to talk to Dennis Ferrer, but these days with facebook and the likes it’s so easy to contact your favorite DJs.. no promise on their reply, but you can try… and so they are now taking part in big festivals and headlining many club nights. I;ve hear their set, it was quite fantastic, played well, proportioned light transitions coupled with great DJ Skills, Chris and Steve Martinez are those usual suspect from the street of New York, born in Bronx, heavily influenced by their surroundings which goes into their music – lots of Latin rhythms, great almost funky house beats, hard and moving tracks. these guys know how to make the crowd dance.

lets check out some of my favorite photos and hd wallpapers from The Martinez Brothers performance at Movement 2014

so here we have it, The Martinez bros put up a great performance, are great showmen, they love their music and doing it for fun. headz up and will be coming by if i ever am next to their performance!!

The Martinez Bros Soundcloud and Links

https://www.facebook.com/themartinezbrothers on Facebook

https://soundcloud.com/themartinezbros on Soundcloud

http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/themartinezbros on Resident Advisor

https://twitter.com/themartinezbros on Twitter

http://www.beatport.com/artist/the-martinez-brothers/30928 releases on beatport

check out this nice video

The Martinez Brothers Between the Beats

TomorrowWorld 2013 pictures, hd wallpapers, night crowd photos

Yes TomorrowWorld was that American version of TomorrowLand and it kinda sucked. as you might have read in the article ahead of this one, or maybe a few articles ago. but there was a bit of some coverage with Hardwell @ Tomorrowworld 2013, it was left alone and now i am trying to revisit the event and to recall a few things that happened there. let’s check out the pictures and then we talk about them a little…

tomorrowWorld 2013 random hd photos

the sets that i personally remember are the crazy Hardwell set, mentioned above. Then there were AFROKI – Afrojack and Steve Aoki playing as a Duo. the crowd didn’t really pick up the vibe, and the two DJs are obviously seeking some mega crazy success of duos that were hitting the scene lately. or trios, as in the case with the stupid batman, superman and wonder woman spiderman (well, for realz it’s Batman – Martin Solveig, Superman – Laidback Luke, Spiderman – DJ Chuckie), why they all wanna team up and rip it, they don’t make enough fuss anymore by themselves? or, as i am thinking, maybe it’s the silly success of Netherlandian duo brothers or what not – Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike? well don’t be too obsessed with the loser duo all you losers electro djs, because those two losers really suck balls which they’v proven with the most terrible performance at ADE 2013, Amsterdam… anyways, returning to our sheep, i liked araabMusic, but generally i just didn’t give it about the show.. and Steve Aoki jumping on the dj deck and fcuking throwing CAKES in people??? we got pics and that video contains 2 different episodes of him throwing big nice wedding size cakes into the crowd… omg… well, at least it was because he wanted to, not like Like Mike poured grey goose in people’s cups. while (or because) DImitri Vegas just couldn’t overcome some technical difficulties with his dj setup… yeah, i won’t forget that miserable episode… he actually contacted me asking to take down not this or some other article, but rather links to download that pure ass (hehe, wanted to write poor ass, but pure ass also works) performance. he didn’t want too many people to find out.. but no, not me… haha.. losers..

well, hope you enjoyed this rant, if not – i don’t give a damn, to be honest..

TomorrowWorld 2013 downloads, links and resources

download tomorrowworld 2013 livesets – http://ul.to/f/navmux
download tomorrowWorld 20123 as torrents 

Tomorrowland HD Wallpapers 2013 festival Day & Night, HD Videos, Free & Ready to use

Tomorrowland 2013, oh my God, what an event and how much talked about it, written about, chat rooms over-flooding with excitement of pre, during and post event love in the air. Tomorrowland HD Wallpapers are here for you, they’ve been a huge success when we published them last year, not these of course, these come from 2013 event, but those hd wallpapers from Tomorrowland 2012 have been a huge huge success and people have been returning for them every day dozens of times throughout the year. something we’d never expect – such a ridiculously strong interest to the event not just around the time when it happens, but before, after and in between, so basically whole year around. ok, ok, let us not tease you guys and here are our spin on Tomorrowland HD Wallpapers 2013.

Tomorrowland 2013 HD Wallpapers

so, what do you say? we’ve played around with the pics we found, and now they look better, crisper and much more colorful than their originals, hopefully tomorrowland crew or whoever took those pics will not be upset.. we are even sure they won’t – these pics will bring happiness and good memories all year after the event is gone… who came to the event? over 1 MILLION VISITORS have broken the ground this year, with just unnumbered amount of smiles and unmetered flow of good sound, good beats. we were trying to come up with a simple way to list some big names from the event by just providing the flyer, but couldn’t find one… why? there were so many performances with so huge a number of DJs, that tomorrowland organizers decided not even to waste paper, and have it all on their website… so who performed? just to name a few biggest ones: David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Afrojack, Hardwell, Chuckie, Knife Party, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (whose anthem specially created for Tomorrowland 2013 has hit first spon on Beatport in just days), Steve Angello, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso (Swedish House Mafia presented 3 performances against usual 1, but who’s going to judge them, they just want more money, i guess), Deniz Koyu, Armin Van Buuren, John Digweed, Carnage, Bass Nectar, Avicii, Alesso, Laidback Luke, Carl Cox, Tiesto, Fedde Le Grand, many many other names, and the closing set on the main stage was played this year by the amazing Steve Aoki

David Guetta VS Nicky Romero VS Afrojack

one of the biggest highlights of the Tomorrowland 2013 was the joint venture that David Guetta did with Nicky Romero and Afrojack, they played a back-to-back set, each got in 30 minutes, and here’s a video we found for you to enjoy the performance:

Links and resources for Tomorrowland 2013 HD Wallpapers & livesets

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