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La Roux – The Red One – HD wallpapers, photos, info

La Roux is, or rather are the English electro-pop duo formed in London in 2008. The band consists of Elly Jackson (singer and keyboardist – the girl) and Ben Langmaid (co-writer and producer). Their music is strongly influenced by 80s pop, such as Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Prince, etc.

The name La Roux (pronounced “lah-roo”) was created when Elly found it in a book of  names for the babies. La Roux = Roux – French “male” word for “redhead” and LA the feminine article for “the”, referring to Elly Jackson’s hairstyle – redhead, maybe even a natural one, noone really knows.

In 15 December 2008, La Roux released their first single “Quicksand” on Kitsune, reaching just #129 on UK. This single was followed by their debut album “La Roux” on Polydor. The album reached #2 on UK albums chart and sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. La Roux’ second single “In for the Kill” came out March 2009. It started at #11 on the UK singles chart and reached #2 as best. The dubstepper Skream made two remixes of this track, and then everyone followed with a bunch of remixes worldwide, making it a wonderful track for any mix with all kinds of genres and adjacent tracks in dj mixes.. it was played virtually by every DJ all over the world, so good the track was.. in my personal opinion, the breaks and drum’n’bass genre remixes were the top notch artwork..

and yes, my request for pardon and my apologies go out to the male half of this duo – Ben Langmaid – since this article has nothing to do with him, really.. why? who cares about him, when there’s ELLY JACKSON, even she must hardly care for him… hehe, just kidding.. they are friends and partners, i presume..

La Roux Videos “Bulletproof” & “In for the Kill”

below is my personal favorite, so many remixes, so many different versions, different music genres, even, but all in all, this is an amazing track!!

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